Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What thoughts and feelings come to mind about family? Good, bad or indifferent; your family is part of you and you are a part of them. 

Family isn’t always related. I’ve dared to step into another parent’s territory taking in and loving their children as my own. In return, I have deeply appreciated friends who’ve loved me like a sister or daughter when my sister and mother were many miles away.

I had a very enlightening moment last November, when my daughter had her first child; there is nothing like the entire family getting together to support one another in accomplishing a goal. In this case, it was a miracle from God and we couldn’t wait to be introduced to a beautiful baby boy. 

The whole family embraced the pregnancy by:

v       Tagging along to the  doctor visits to see the baby on the sonogram
v       Celebrating together  when we found out the sex of the baby
v       Guessing who the baby would look like
v       Consoling him while rubbing  momma’s belly and talking to him
v       Being  there during labor and  timing contractions
v       Trying to make her comfortable
v       Staying  up all night at the hospital
v       Assisting  with the delivery
v       Preparing meals
v       Feeding  the baby
v       Babysitting
v       Arguing
v       Getting along
v       Having fun

As I reflect (something you do when you start having grandchildren), I find it crazy that I never asked for help when I was raising my children. What was I thinking? Thank goodness I now have a completely different view on how challenging and rewarding it is to raise children, while trying to balance and maintain other relationships.  I’ve decided to make it a point to do my part by being there for my family. It will be an honor and a privilege to be an integral part of their lives. 

Can you find strength and encouragement in your family? If not, maybe you need to be the encourager or the person your family looks up to. There is no greater reward than your family.

It takes a whole village to raise a child.~ African Proverb.