Friday, April 18, 2014


Did you know the United Nations (UN) dedicated an International Day of Happiness ? That’s interesting and unsettling at the same time in that the UN took note of all the unhappiness seen around the world. Why is that? 

Maybe we need to step back and take it easy and think about people and relationships. Maybe we’re thinking too much about money and things, which we all know can never give back what a human touch and smile can.

Is it possible to find happiness and contentment no matter where we are in life? One way to do that is to serve others and help people in there time of need. Maybe we can take a chance and try reaching out to make someone else happy without wanting or needing anything in return. It may be praying for someone, buying someone a cup of coffee, writing a ‘thank you’ note, calling an old friend or opening a door for a stranger.

I know from experience, it seems that the more you do for others the better you feel. Maybe when you see that someone is upset or rude, you could stop and take a deep breath and look at it from their point-of view. Maybe they had a really rough morning, maybe they’re drowning in debt or maybe they have a sick loved one or maybe they’re the one that’s sick.

Just take a moment and SMILE instead of getting frustrated. That may be the one and only smile that person will see today.

What do you do to spread happiness