Friday, May 18, 2012

I Ate an Egg!

So what’s the big deal? I have disliked eggs all of my life. I mean, I can’t stand them. However, it’s come to the point where there aren’t hardly any healthy breakfast choices unless you include eggs in your diet.

I love veggies, so I cut up a ton of them and added an egg. Just yesterday, I cut up a hard-boiled egg and added it to my tuna salad. It wasn't so bad; I hardly tasted it at all. I realized that I have been making a huge deal about not liking eggs way too long and dodging around and trying to avoid them, when it’s really not so bad. I can do this!

How about you? Is there an egg you are avoiding in your life? Have you been researching and analyzing the egg to death and afraid to tackle because of the what ifs?

Maybe it’s...
v       Changing jobs

v       Beginning a new chapter in your life

v       Moving

v       Starting a blog

v       New diet and exercise routine
Whatever it may be, it’s time to jump in and take control of the situation. You can do it; so what if it fails. It may not. You’ll never know unless you do it! 

Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out. ~Ben Franklin


  1. Doesn't it always help if your BFF gets you to try just a little bit of an egg and encourages you to "just taste it"? That is what good friends can do- they help put in the spices, chat up the benefits and help you to believe that you will actually enjoy the experience. They help to take away the unreasonable fear, calm you down and just put a bit on a fork and make it look absolutely palatable- like you could actually swallow the "egg" and like it! My own BFF friend has introduced me to a lot of "eggsellent" situations and experiences that I was kicking and screaming to avoid! How much we miss out of life because we won't try it or think we can handle it or like it. I am sure I have some leaping, jumping, tasting and trying something new. I know who will have my back when I do! Eggs-actly!

  2. Love this post,,,and love you too!