Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seasons Change…

I love summer and hate to see it go. I almost feel a sense of remorse and tend to think about and hold on to all the fun things I did and all the people I enjoyed spending time with. It seems like I have to let all that go when summer ends.

Then fall arrives ever so slightly. The days become a little shorter and the evenings are a little cooler. The leaves begin to change color and there’s that feeling in the air, where you just know, that the season is changing.

That’s how life is; always changing. You meet new people and do new things and then something changes. You find yourself caught up in new and different things and don’t spend as much time as you’d like with the friends and family that you love.

It’s so easy to stay connected these days. Technology can be a wonderful thing, but so can handwritten cards or a note, or even a quick phone call to say “hello”.

It’s important to take time to enjoy the people around you and appreciate them for all the things you have in common and all the things that are different. Don’t be closed minded and surround yourself with only like minded people. We all need a challenge and we need to learn to think outside of ourselves. Even if we never agree with the other person, we can always agree to disagree and love them all the same.

Embrace the changes; that’s how you became who you are!

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  1. Always a delight to read, Simply Soul Life, is thought provoking and inspiring....well done, Marcia.