Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soul Peace

Everybody craves it, and is not exactly sure how to get it. Mostly, it’s about nurturing relationships and having a comfortable home to come home to.
It’s also about:
v       Setting goals
v       Getting organized
v       Having a clean house
v       Reading a good book
v       Cooking a fabulous dinner
v       Spending time with your family
v       Catching up with friends
v       Sending  a handwritten card
v       Pushing yourself beyond your own limits
We not only crave peace, it is vital for our mental health. In order to get peace you may need cut back or minimize something(s). You may feel chaotic because there is simply too much going on. Start with taking an inventory of things you think are making you feel crazy. Write them down and try to eliminate them one by one.
For example:
v       Do you have a lot of bills that you can’t pay?
o   If so, do something about it. Stop spending on unnecessary things and seek out resources that can help you get your finances in order. A couple of excellent resources are Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman.
v       Is your house a mess?
o   Conquer one room at a time. Clean it and organize it from top to bottom. Get the entire family to help you so they feel accountable and responsible for keeping it clean on an ongoing basis. You can find excellent tips by visiting the websites of Real Simple and HGTV.
v       Are you and your spouse feeling disconnected?
o   That happens to every marriage at one time or another. Life can get very busy and hectic, but it’s vitally important to nurture your marriage relationship in order to achieve Soul Peace. Focus on the Family  is a great resource for both marriage and family.
I would love to learn what works for you. Please share your personal Soul Peace tips by submitting a comment.

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