Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pay It Forward

Do you remember the movie Pay It Forward; where a little boy, Trevor, is challenged and fascinated by an assignment from his teacher to think of something to change the world and put it into action? Trevor’s idea is to pay a favor forward rather than back. His efforts to make good on his idea bring forth a transformation not only in himself, but in the lives of friends and family around him.

My challenge to you; create a transformation in your own life and the lives of others by Paying It Forward. It’s easy:

v       Smile

v       Encourage someone

v       Listen

v       Volunteer

v       Buy a random person coffee/lunch/dinner

v       Donate school supplies to your local school; even if you don’t have any children attending

v       Offer someone a ride

v       Donate food

Help transform our world, one favor at a time.  Please share your Pay It Forward experience by submitting a comment.


  1. I love that movie, the concept and you! I'll try to pay it forward today!